Malawians on Chakwera’s neck over his trip to Zambia

Malawians have criticized President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s trip Zambia to attend the extraordinary summit meeting of the southern African development community following the devaluation weakened by 3%.

The trip comes barely three days since the Malawian Kwacha weakened by 3% following a foreign exchange auction the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) conducted on Monday.

The concerned citizens took to social media to complain that the President could have suspended the trip due to economic instability.

“He used the money to attend the meeting instead of using the money to solve the problems that have arisen due to devaluation”, Massi Mponda complained.

Concuring with Mponda’s remarks Bra Khevwa wrote: “We are struggling because our Kwacha is not stable and the prices of goods and services rising each and every day and the president is still proceeding with the trip that costs a lot of money”.

On his part Ashraf Francis Chizungre wrote: “We were surprised to see our Kwacha dropped last two day , we did not aware that our president wanted the dollars to use for his trip”.

Last year RBM also devalued the Kwacha by 44% , a development that sent shock waves in the economy of Malawi, resulting in skyrocketing prices of goods and services.

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