Malawian author Gertrude Gomani launches “A Man Of Straw” novel

A Malawian author Gertrude Gomani has published a novel titled “A Man of Straw”, a story of 26-year-old University of Malawi graduate who is hugely admired by people but is morally bankrupt.

According to Gomani, the 61,548 words and 157 paged thought-provoking novel ‘A Man of Straw’ is being sold at all Montfort Media book shops across the country at a giveaway price of K 10,000 per copy.

In nutshell, the protagonist in the novel Francis Banda is a graduate quantity surveyor from the University of Malawi but has chosen not to practice in his field because he thinks it cannot give him what he is looking for– pride, fame, money, honour and power.

He therefore starts a youth organization that aims at equipping the youth with leadership skills.

Indeed things are working for him for he wins an international youth award as the most innovative youth leader, paving a way for him to meet the Queen of England.

However, his success and fame end up attracting unwanted attention from the people, including that of a 22-year-old girl Emerald who is attracted to Francis’ overnight success… what next ? buy your copy now at Montfort Media book shop.  

A 28-year old author Gertrude started writing in 2009 while in Form 2 at Stella Maris Secondary School in Blantyre.

Locally, she is inspired by Stanley Onjezani Kenani and the brain behind Smoldering Charcoal Tiyambe Zeleza.

Gomani also authored several novels such as Surviving the Lean Season and Reminiscence: a collection of 24 short stories.

In Surviving the Lean Season, Gomani depicts some of the problems that the marginalized classes are facing in developing countries such as Malawi.

According to Gomani, she was inspired by ‘cashgate’- a scandal involving the systematic plunder of public funds which happen at Capitol Hill during Joyce Banda’s era.

She is a graduate from the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences formerly known as The Polytechnic.

The multi-skilled author Gertrude Gomani can be contacted through the following mobile number +265994992491 or via the following email address  

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