Malawi is favoured to have APM, he is a rare breed

By Bashir Al Bashir

Kwatuluka advert ya law degree kuchanco, requirements; credit in the first year, or have a valid degree. Law, kumalawi, not for every Jim and Jack.

Apply for a Masters at Yale University with a Malawian degree amakana, akuti they don’t recognise our esteemed degrees, so you must have a masters to apply for masters, or you have honours to get into masters, tough one. Very tough.

Now, this man, got a law degree from University of London, masters and PhD from Yale University, at 28 years, he was a PhD holder wa law. That’s an extreme achievement in those ages. Rare genius.

He has taught in very prestigious institutions like Haile Selassie University, Makerere University, Washington University among others. Ukuku sikulowa mphwepa, sizongoti uli ndi PhD akutenga, these are elite universities, for the brains.

Ndimati when engaging someone, learn their background first, zimathandiza, kuli ena zinthu zoti enafe titha kuganiza kwamwezi, iwowo 1 hour apeza yankho, APM breed, kuyankhula kamodzi koma kuyankha daily, kwangolowa chiwewe sopano, nsanja ya babulo, if we counted our blessing, APM should be one, we are favoured.

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