Malawi breaks silence on Malawians arrested in Israel

The Malawi government has finally spoken out on the arrest of Malawian farm workers in Israel, clarifying that 12 out of 40 individuals detained are from the country.

According to Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu, the 40 individuals, representing 13 nationalities, were arrested for leaving their designated work stations and seeking employment in town without proper authorization.

Kunkuyu revealed that the group, including the 12 Malawians, had abandoned their farm work to seek jobs at a bakery in Bnei Brak, violating Israel’s labor laws and regulations.

The Minister emphasized the importance of Malawians abroad adhering to the laws and regulations of their host countries, urging them to respect the terms of their employment and avoid engaging in illegal activities.

This development comes as a reminder to Malawians seeking employment opportunities abroad to ensure they comply with the laws and regulations of their host countries, to avoid such incidents and maintain a positive reputation for the country.

Background on Malawi-Israel Labour Deal

Malawi and Israel signed a labor export deal in 2022, allowing Malawi to send unskilled laborers to Israel to work in various sectors, including agriculture and construction. The deal aimed to generate more foreign exchange revenue for Malawi and provide employment opportunities for its citizens.

Under the deal, Malawian workers are expected to work in Israel for a maximum of 5 years, with a minimum salary of $1,500 per month. The deal also includes provisions for workers’ safety, health insurance, and protection from exploitation.

However, the deal has faced criticism and controversy, with some opposition politicians and human rights organizations expressing concerns about the secrecy surrounding the deal and the potential risks to workers’ safety.

The Malawian government has emphasized its commitment to protecting workers’ rights and ensuring their safety in Israel, and has established a committee to monitor the welfare of Malawian workers abroad.

Concerns Raised

The arrest of the Malawian workers has raised concerns about the treatment of foreign workers in Israel and the effectiveness of the labor deal in protecting their rights.

Human rights organizations have called on the Malawian government to take action to ensure the safe return of the detained workers and to review the labor deal to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The incident has also sparked debate about the benefits and risks of labor export deals and the need for greater transparency and accountability in such agreements.

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