Little Mister, Miss Africa-Malawi introduced

Little Mister, Miss Africa-Malawi introduced

Following in the footsteps of Miss Culture Malawi, a new beauty contest for children called Little Mister, Miss Africa-Malawi has been launched.

Organisers of the contest, Lush Africa Foundation announced yesterday that the contest which stems from the growing global trends, is meant to help children with their communication skills, talent development, confidence, poise and social development skills.

“The contest is a cultural and educative event that seeks to celebrate the talent and intellectual abilities of young children,” said Lush Africa Foundation chief executive officer Lorraine Klajic.

She said the pageant aims to bring out the best of the young pageant contestants.

A contestant during a previous
continental contest

“The local winner will participate in the continental contest of Little Mister, Miss Africa which is a big stage that will help the children believe in themselves and embrace their Africacinity,” said Klajic.

She said since children are minors, parents will be involved in the decision-making to join the competition, giving consent and support their children every step of the way.

As part of promoting the new pageant, winners will be involved in some community charity campaigns advocating for fellow children’s rights, children’s workshops and sensitisation campaigns to build confidence, talent development and culture.

The pageant will have three separate contests. Mister and Miss Little Africa-Malawi for children aged between four to six, Mister and Miss Little Africa-Malawi aged seven to nine and the Mister and Miss Teen Africa-Malawi aged between 13 to 16.

According to Little Mister and Miss Africa organisers, the event is a continental children’s pageant focusing on promoting the rich African culture and heritage.

“It also aims at promoting intercontinental tourism and creating a social networking platform for all kids on the African continent,” reads part of a statement by Little Mister and Miss Africa organisers.

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