LCP receives it’s MW2063 manifesto Compliance Certificate

Leadership with Compassion Party (LCP) has finally received it’s Certificate of Compliance from the National Planning Commission (NPC).

The compliance is about the need for all political parties which are geared to take part in the upcoming general elections of 2025, to have their Manifesto to align with the vision MW2063.

Speaking to faceofMalawi Dr. Sally Kumwenda, who is the president and founder of the party said that the certificate was the last submission requirement for them to be given the new party registration certificate for the 2025 general elections.

This makes them having fulfilled all the requirements to getting the 2025 registration certificate of the party.

“I can confirm that NPC has now given us our certificate of compliance and all LCP members from the grassroots were busy celebrating the receipt yesterday on their forum. The joy comes in as this was our last step in the fulfillment of the requirements for us to be eligible to get the new party registration certificate to be able to contest in the 2025 general elections. Currently our wait is just for that certificate from the registrar general’s office” said Kumwenda

The development comes in when MEC barred three candidates of LCP to take by in the 2019 by elections for Karonga on the basis that they did not have a valid certificate. The party took MEC to court for which the judgement was refraining the registrar general and MEC from deeming the party as deregistered for the 2019 by elections.

The high court ruled that any political activities that can take place between now and 2025, LCP is eligible to participate using their 2017 registration certificate as a valid registered political party. Their not participating in the passed by elections was due to timing between the time when the complaint was logged to the high court and the hearing day. MEC complaint that during the gap, ballot papers were already made and the process was expensive to extend it.

Leadership with Compassion Party was registered and launched in 2017 with an aim of giving hope to the youth and women of Malawi. Currently Dr. Kumwenda is the only known female presidential aspiring candidate to be found on the ballot paper in the 2025 general elections.

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