Lady Cancels Wedding After Discovering That Her Husband-To-Be Had Alot Of Debts

In a shocking turn of events, a wedding was called off on the eve of the ceremony after the bride-to-be discovered her soon-to-be husband had secret debts that could potentially ruin their future together.

The man had failed to disclose this information to his partner, and it wasn’t until a woman visited the couple the night before their wedding that the truth was revealed.

According to the couple’s neighbor, the woman saw the visitor giving the groom a letter, but he attempted to hide it from his partner.

Out of curiosity, the bride checked the letter and was shocked to discover that it was from a banker, informing the groom that his properties would be taken as collateral for a loan he was unable to repay.

The betrayal was too much for the bride, and she announced that she would not be going through with the wedding.

In conclusion, the wedding was called off, and the bride-to-be has decided not to marry again.

“My neighbour’s friend cancelled wedding on wedding eve after she found out the man had secret debts that can wreck family. He didn’t tell her. “A night b4 their wedding, a woman visited and she saw her giving he husband a letter. He hid the letter from her but she checked it out of curiosity because she think say na love letter. “She found out the lady was a banker and it was a letter to carry his properties since he can’t pay bank loan. She say she no marry again.”






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