Lack of early disability screening worries FEDOMA

Mkandawire: underscored significance of early screening to children with disabilities

By Lovemore Khomo

Federation of Disability Organisation in Malawi (FEDOMA) has underscored that screening children with disabilities at early stages could help to understand signs of mental disabilities, sight or hearing impairment.

FEDOMA Project Officer Juma Mkandawire made the remarks during media engagement with members of central region based Bwaila Media Club as one way of mainstreaming and disability inclusion.

Mkandawire indicated that the country’s inability to conduct early screening to identify signs of disability during early child development, is affecting the future of many children with disability.

“These are issues which we have been missing to do in the early development stages of our children. Now, we’re looking at how we can cement, consolidate and reach out at these gaps.” explained Mkandawire.

He added that following up and compliance with local and international frameworks could be an important step to address existing challenges.

Mkandawire further noted that inadequate funding is another challenge where, “Most of organisations rely on donors, but we need to raise the bar for making it better for accommodating. For instance, the institution itself needs capacity building to train some of its staff which needs some funds.”

Meanwhile, one of the participants from Bwaila Media Club Austin Katunga expressed gratitude over the engagement saying they will impart knowledge and skills attained to effectively communicate issues of disability with the public.

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