Kenyan Catholic priest marries after joining splinter group

A catholic priest, Reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru, tied the knot with Margaret Wanjira Githui in a colourful ceremony held at Michael’s Pot Gardens in Ikinu Githunguri.

The wedding was attended by numerous family and friends, and it marked the day of Father Waiguru’s ordination as a Roman Catholic priest.

Father Waiguru, who had previously been sent to preach in North and South America, expressed his desire to marry and start a family upon his return to Kenya.

In accordance with his wishes, he and Margaret chose to marry in a traditional ceremony and subsequently became parents to two children.

He was then ordained once more, this time as a charismatic priest, and his marriage was solemnized.

Father Waiguru expressed his satisfaction, stating that he now feels he has truly lived up to his calling of priesthood. During the ordination ceremony, Bishop Patrick Mulau of Kirinyaga Charismatic Church, which maintains close ties to the Roman Catholic faith, presided over the proceedings.

The key distinction between the two religious groups lies in the sacrament of Marriage, as priests from the Charismatic Church are allowed to marry. Father Waiguru, filled with happiness, promised his wife eternal love on this momentous occasion.

Source African News


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