Kelvin Sulugwe Tackles Personal Growth, Mental Health in New Book

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Growing up in Malawi is not easy- Sulugwe

Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur Kelvin Sulugwe, who is also founder of Akometsi Private Limited has authored a book titled In Honest Ways where he has among others tackled issues on mental health, personal growth and survival among young people.

According to Sulugwe, the book is inspired by his own experiences and experiences of those around him and aims to inspire people to achieve success in honest ways.

“Growing up in Malawi is not easy especially if you start from zero, which is a starting point for most people as we are born from poor families with no powerful connections to help us through. In this book, I am tackling different challenges and how one can overcome them to live independently, financially and mentally,” said Sulugwe.

On the issue of mental health, Sulugwe said he shares his own experiences in the book.

“Life is full of ups and downs. I have had my fair share of both. To some people, overcoming downs is something that leads then to depression especially taking to account how the society judges people when they fail.

We have many cases of mental health issues relating from failure to get back on your feet. I am looking at one’s survival and how your own wins should inspire you to rise again,” he said.

According to Sulugwe, the book will be released on August 31 and will come out in Paperback, eBooks as well as audio chapters which will be available on Amazon, Google Play, and Apple, Barnes and Noble and many platforms.

He also said that the Hard copies will be distributed by Mikozi Network in the first month and later made available to Bookshops across Malawi.

“I engaged my friends of Mikozi because we would like to distribute it in our own fashion by utilizing our social media platforms and partner with couriers companies to deliver to people who will order directly from us and we have already received hundreds of pre-orders from people who follow my Facebook page as I have been talking about it for some time now,” explained Sulugwe who says he has several other Books also lined up for release.

Sulugwe is mostly known for his writings which he publishes on his website, and social media pages. He writes mostly on youth empowerment, personal growth and motivation.

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