Jealousy At Work Is Real, A Man Was Caught On Camera Murdering His Colleague

Jealousy at work is real and this is from the reaction of the members of the public to a video that has went viral showing what seems to be a man getting hit with a gas cylinder on his head repeatedly, and this has made people ask themselves.

What could have happened for the two to end up in such a situation and the fact that there are cameras on scene shows us that the man’s intention was to murder his colleague, because he had done the horrible evil deed multiple times wanting to ensure that his colleague will be deceased.

Clearly, he has made a gross miscalculation thinking that he will be able to deal with this matter in a way that will use violence and testimonies that are conjured up to deceive the people on the receiving end he is sourly mistaken.

The video shows the murder of another individual and it is completely horrific to witness something like this happening, these are the things that make a lot of people wonder to themselves about the situation that they find themselves in this life.

It seems like at every turn anyone can really kill you if they have enough reason to do so, even though it may not be reasonable.

The circumstances which led to this horrible attack have not been revealed to the general public and it is very concerning that something like this even exists in the world, people must be very careful of who they surround themselves with because it cannot be good to be exposed to people who despise you and wish you dead.

The man will surely be held accountable for his actions of killing his co-worker in an unprovoked attack, even the victim was not expecting something like this to even happen, but he clearly did not expect a lot to happen that day as he turned his back towards his colleague.






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