Is he sincere?


I should have been celebrating that my son has passed the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education examinations with flying colours as he has been selected to a national secondary school. But the father of my child who disappeared after denying responsibility has dampened my mood.

He has resurfaced from nowhere in my inboxes praising me for raising well ‘our child’ and saying he will ensure that he gets the necessary support.

As if that is not enough, he keeps on showering me with stupid nothings on how I am not growing old and how beautiful I look and how foolish he was to abandon me. The last time I got such praises is when he made me pregnant and abandoned me.

BMW, do I trust such a man now after all those years?

Help me.




If it were some older days, I could have told you outright that it is a child’s right to know both parents. It is there in the Constitution, I just don’t remember which section and I am a bit lazy these days to look things up.

But then, my general view has been changing where child rights is concerned these days. That comes naturally having a few friends mugged, attacked, mauled, muzzled and robbed by street urchins. Ooops! I am really losing a grip on child rights, call them street-connected children to be politically protected.

So, with a paradigm shift in my view of child rights, it does not hold that you let her father’s dough while it lasts.

So we leave out the child rights issue.

You have not said one or two things. Are you committed at the moment? If you are committed, how would your mate take it that your former lover wants to get closer to you? For that matter, what if he discovers these texts showering you with smooth words?

Another thing is, were you married to the father of your child? If you were married, how were issues of alimony sorted out?

Is he married now? He must be a fool to try to get chiwiri, as irresponsible as he is.

In any case, don’t let the bugger pay fees for your child at any cost. This is a trap. Where has he been all along?

It is another trap for him to be telling you these sweet nothings. Why now? Chances are high that he has been dumped by whoever was hanging out with.

Be careful, you have a snake in your lawn. A viper.

By paying for his son’s education, it will be chikole that in future he will demand that he uses his surname.

May grace be upon you Chisomo. Ignore the bugger. If he continues pestering you, report him to the police for cyber bullying.

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