Improper waste disposals worries Mangochi Mayor

Mangochi Municipality Mayor, Chisuse Iman has asked residents to stop improper waste disposal to prevent cholera, since the district is registering more cases.

Iman said, most people are deliberately throwing waste everywhere in the area, which is very worrisome and unhealthy.

“Residents are ignoring cleanliness campaigns. This habit is what causes a reoccurrence of water borne diseases every rainy season. It is high time residents developed a mindset change and spearheaded cleanliness in their surroundings,” said Iman.

Chairperson for Mangochi Central Market, Langson Ntchona supported Iman point, saying people need to maintain hygiene.

“The council is trying it’s best to manage waste but its efforts are being rendered useless as waste keeps on accumulating. I want to urge all market users to dispose waste in appropriate places,” said Ntchona.

As of Tuesday, January 24, Mangochi had recorded 6,145 new cholera cases and 105 deaths.