I strayed with my mlamu, should I tell?

Dear BMW,

My younger sister has an amazing husband. She speaks highly of him a lot. He is well monied, of course and muscled.

I stayed at their house recently, as I have done many times when my husband works away from home. However, on this particular night, she was called into work at the TV station where she works to read midnight news.

After failing to watch her read the news, I went to bed early, but before midnight, I got up to go to the kitchen to get some water to drink. As I passed their bedroom, the door was ajar and I saw my brother-in-law in his briefs reading.

I said hie slyly to him and before I knew it, he jumped up to me, greeting me back. You could feel the tension between us as he stood in front of me. We knew we were all alone that night. Before long, we were up in arms. He dropped my dressing gown and we had fantastic sex and never said a word to each other the following morning.

Since then, nothing has been mentioned about this by either of us – it’s as if it never happened – but I can’t stop thinking about it and him. This is weird for me as I have never been the sort of person who cheats on my husband and even worse, on my sister.

I’m feeling so guilty that I did this stupid thing and I want to confess to my sister.  Will she divorce her hubby?

Horrible Sister, Nyambadwe, via WhatsApp

 Dear Horrible Sister,

I think your sister’s husband is an idiot and has a cheap personality. I suspect he has been nursing the idea of bedding you for a very long time and grabbed the opportunity this night when his wife was away.

He is sick mentally, drowning and doesn’t want to drown alone.

Let me warn you. One Manchester United icon has torn his relationship with his family after it was revealed he was having an affair with his brother’s wife.

Although the two eventually resolved their differences, the Man U star has lost nearly everything. The wife left him and his family threw him out!

So if you come clean, your sister will either dump her stupid husband and your relationship will never be the same as she will cut you out.

If I were you, I would carry that horrible curse with me to my grave, because I can tell you with my hand on my chest that if you open your mouth once, you will regret it for the rest of your existence.

That said, chances are now high that if you did stay at your sister’s place again, you two whores—you and your sister’s husband—would end up in bed again.

My two-tambala advice is, if you want to have any chance of having a relationship with your sister in the future, do not stay the night at her house again and do not tell her what happened.

Galu sasendela pagulu!

Big Man Wamkulu

The post I strayed with my mlamu, should I tell? first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post I strayed with my mlamu, should I tell? appeared first on The Nation Online.