Honestly, the stunts stink

Imagine a situation where a musician holds the whole music industry’s attention for three days, selling it dummies in form of a stunt.

 Today, you bring this version, tomorrow another and the next day you bring in a different dimension to your antics. Reason; to promote your upcoming songs.

 That episode is what musician Black Nina subjected his fans and music lovers alike for the better part of this week after he went live on his Facebook page to claim that his career was being choked by the conduct of some unnamed agent who was bullying him based on a contract the two parties signed.

 By the way, Black Nina in his other artistic life is an actor. Just so you can get a better understanding of what I am trying to put across here. Granted.

 The case that Black Nina put up in his claims about being tied to a contract which had so many unfriendly clauses in it sounded genuine. He ranted for long, accusing this so called agent as well as other people. He did not just stop at his rants. The boy broke down in tears a number of times.

 Everyone who was on the other end watching his narrative was compelled to feel for his created predicament at least. In such cases, it is only prudent for one to pass judgement upon hearing from the both parties involved. 

 But without necessarily being judgmental, one could not help but sympathise with Black Nina. He sounded like a hopeless man whose career was on the brink of falling over the edge. I am sure if he had named this US-based agent as he claimed, the agent would have met with all sorts of vitriol from his fans.

 By and by the conundrum started being dismantled. People remembered that the artist also had announced was about to release a new song and they started questioning the flow of his narrative and end gains. Evidence started flowing in, suggesting the whole act was a mere stunt.

  Probably after realising his game was down, Black Nina quickly put up an apology on his page which offered little or no logical coloration at all. Was that an egg on his face? His fans had now had enough and their displeasure was made known to him.

 What followed was another video replete of his acting credentials which was posted on the online platform Mikozi Network. This time he was weeping again begging for fans not to get angry with him.

But why should one go such great length in the name of trying to promote a new song or video? Have the artists really lost trust in their ability to the extent that the only way they feel their content can sale is through playing useless antics and taking their fans for granted?

 A good song sells for itself. You don’t need to go to the moon and back in the name of promoting it. There are plenty artists who are now enjoying the limelight owing to the quality of their work.

  Once you play silly for the camera, you are indeed assured of a short-lived space in the spotlight. But at the end of the day, as an artist you will still be judged by the quality of your work and not how much you cried when you went on Facebook.

 Black Nina has previously proved that he can do it as an artist, let him continue along the same path. Black Nina and other artists towing the same line should know that it is only the quality of their work which will make them survive this competitive business. Or he should stick to acting maybe.

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