Health officials deny conducting postmortem on three family members found dead in Nyambadwe house

Chiradzulu District Council has disowned a postmortem report police claim was conducted at the hospital facility on three family members who were found dead in a house in Nyambadwe Township in Blantyre a week ago.

The three family members identified as Evance Harry, his wife Matilda Madaliso and daughter Emily, were found dead in their house in Nyambadwe, Blantyre last Monday.

After the incident, Ndirande Police Station spokesperson Widson Nhlane informed Malawians that postmortem conducted at Chiradzulu District Hospital revealed that the three died of suffocation from a charcoal burner.

But District Medical Officer Dr. Raphael Bwezani distanced the hospital from the said postmortem report.

“As a hospital, we are not aware that the said bodies were brought for postmortem at Chiradzulu District Hospital,” Chautsa is quoted as saying in one of the local daily papers (NPL).

Meanwhile, Medical Council of Malawi assistant registrar for professional practice Richard Ndovie has said the council will institute investigations into the issue.






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