Govt banks on ICT to beat education barriers

Govt banks on ICT to beat education barriers

Ministry of Education has opened doors for stakeholders to come in with teaching and learning technologies which can be used when there are disasters which cause unnecessary interruption to the conventional system.

In the past three years, school calendars were interrupted thrice due to Covid-19 and cholera outbreaks as well as the three cyclones of Anna, Gombe and Freddy.

Teacher Education and Development director Zizwa Msuku said using technology modes of lessons delivery would prevent interruptions and save time.

He was speaking during the launch of Maphunziro-Ulalo Wathu Project Phase 4 which aims at promoting the integration of information communication and technology in the education system.

“Our flagship vision 2063 emphasizes on human capital development and we can’t dream of any success in this pillar if education keeps being interrupted therefore this is the right time to advance ourselves technologically,” he said.

The project is being implemented by the Story Workshop which is building on its previous three phases with focus on learners, student teachers, in-system teachers and teacher trainers.

Story Workshop executive director Peter Pangani said the project, which is funded by the German Government’s GIZ is aimed at creating a resilient Malawian education system to natural disasters.

“You saw how recently the education system was affected by natural disasters and disease pandemics. We are complementing government’s e-education system to create resilience,” said Pangani.

The post Govt banks on ICT to beat education barriers first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Govt banks on ICT to beat education barriers appeared first on The Nation Online.