Ginnery Corner Sana Cash and Carry Megastore opens

Ginnery Corner Sana Cash and Carry Megastore opens

The newly established Ginnery Corner Sana Cash and Carry Megastore in Blantyre opened for business on Friday.

The store is located in a new shopping complex near Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital roundabout along Masauko Chipembere Highway.

Gwengwe and others jubilate after cutting a ribbon to open the store

Speaking during the opening of the store, Minister of Trade and Industry Sosten Gwengwe said government is encouraging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in value-added activities to sell their goods to outlets such as Sana Cash and Carry.

He said: “We congratulate Sana Cash and Carry for the opening of this significant retail store where it provides a local selling platform for SMEs, reducing our dependence on imports.

“This shop has made a commendable effort to promote local products, featuring numerous locally-made brands on its shelves. This initiative aims to saturate the domestic market with our own products.”

Gwengwe said local producers have made significant strides in enhancing both the quality of products and branding.

Sana Cash and Carry operations manager Roblee Kamanga said the store will enable them to offer customers an enhanced experience.

He said: “In 1999, we began our journey in a small container at Area 10 in Lilongwe. Over the years, we have expanded to megastores, thanks to the unwavering support of our valued customers.

“This new shop will benefit everyone at every level as it offers more shopping space compared to our other town-based outlets.” n

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