Five Arrested in Mzimba Over Property Damage Amid Ongoing Land Dispute (See Photos)

Police in Jenda have apprehended five individuals suspected of causing extensive damage to properties in the Khosolo area of Mzimba District.

The disturbance erupted due to an ongoing land dispute within the family, a conflict that dates back to 2017.

Macfarlen Mseteka, the Jenda Police publicist, provided details regarding the dispute, explaining that it stems from the complex family history. The suspects’ grandfather had three wives, leading to differing opinions on the rightful ownership of the land left behind by him.

Children from the first wife of the grandfather are contesting the rights of those from the second and third wives to claim ownership of the land.

As a result of this contentious family issue, substantial destruction ensued, with eight houses, a fish pond, an orchard, and fields of maize and cassava being among the damaged properties.

The five suspects, identified as Patson Shaba, Nemon Shaba, Andrea Shaba, Steven Phiri, and Mkakeni Shaba, have been taken into custody by the authorities.

They are currently facing charges related to their alleged involvement in maliciously damaging the properties, as well as theft, in accordance with sections 344 and 278 of the penal code.

All five individuals are residents of Mapila Shaba village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Khosolo in Mzimba District.

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