Female Witch Caught Doing This At Her Best Friend’s House

A lady was found at her best friend house was about to witchcraft, she was spotted in the morning in the yard, now she doesn’t see how she entered she doesn’t know how to turn on the magic to fly back we’re she come from.

When people ask her why she did this, she says her friend since she was married (soyadwala), and she is the one who put the man for her to love her and marry her,

This lady is so cruel especially to come witchcraft on her best friend while they know they have deal.

This is what called you can love them all but trust no one, when days are dark friends are few, the friends you trust is the one who blocks everything in your life jealous is something that makes other people to start bewitching their friends for what they have, this very bad not far at all, this lady is not trusted witchcraft, traditional healer, she is very stubborn with her friend.

This female witchcraft will end up being mad because of doing witchcraft things and not knowing how to return to her home at night till morning, Still in her friend house seating down wearing black clothes with a face full of witchcraft traditional medicines.