Fashion show to empower individuals with disabilities

Fashion show to empower individuals with disabilities

Fashion designer Upile Chirwa is set to host a fashion and music show to empower individuals with disabilities in the fashion industry.

She said she is determined to provide a platform for others to shine as models and designers in the fashion industry.

Chirwa: The show is about giving people like me a chance

Chirwa said: “The show is all about giving people like myself a chance to showcase their skills and creativity, despite the hurdles they encounter due to their physical disabilities.

“We want to ensure that if they have skills, they should embrace them by taking part and boost their confidence as they explore their skill sets in the fashion industry.”

She said she recognises the importance of representation and inclusivity within the industry so that fashion designers collaborate and accommodate those living with diverse forms of disabilities.

In preparation for the occasion, Chirwa says together with other organisers they will carry out awareness campaigns in various communities to make sure that hose living with disabilities in rural areas get the message about the platform.

One of the organisers, Abdul Rahim Ntenje, a model, said they want to use the platform to expose those with disabilities by providing a market for them so that people get to know and appreciate their works.

He has since appealed for support  the initiative to take more people on board and allow them to use the spotlight to encourage more individuals not to look down on themselves.

“We will soon release a call to allow people to apply and participate at the event. I want to encourage as many people out there as possible to use this opportunity to show the skills that they have,” he said.

A renowned fashion designer, Xandria, who also advocates for inclusivity in the industry through her All Shade of Beautiful initiative, hailed the development emphasising the role of such platforms.

“There have been long-standing barriers preventing people with disabilities from being part of this industry, yet these initiatives are empowering experiences that show individuals with disabilities they not only belong but are valued contributors to the industry,” she said.

Xandria added that the platforms plays a huge role in boosting confidence and self-esteem among participants as they appear before audiences.

The show is slated for August in Mzuzu at Springs Park, but is open to fashion designers and models across the country.

The post Fashion show to empower individuals with disabilities first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Fashion show to empower individuals with disabilities appeared first on Nation Online.