Family Blames Hospital for Daughter’s Death

A family in Lilongwe blames staff members from Bwaila hospital for the death of their daughter Rose who was 24 years old. Rose was eight months pregnant

The girl had hypertension and was referred to Bwaila Hospital from Kawale Health Center but claims nurses did not attend to her in time despite being in severe pain and asking for speedy assistance said Semacia Mwase the girl’s aunt.

She added that despite receiving them well, a doctor they expected to attend her did not show up when needed attention.

Evelyn Fransisnco Rose’s guardian said their experience with the nurses at the hospital was very terrible.

Lilongwe District Health Office spokesperson Richard Mvula said it is unfortunate that she died in the process of taking her to the labour ward. He continue saying that he will investigate the case to understand better the medical condition she had when she was first taken to Kawale Health Ceneter.

District Health Office of Lilongwe said hypertension and anemia as some of the disease causing deaths of pregnant women.

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