Empowering youth key to achieving vision 2063 – Lipipa

By Thumbiko Nyirongo, Contributor

Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South, Noel Lipipa, has expressed his concern and passion for empowering the youth in governance, highlighting the critical knowledge gap that exists among young people in the country.

In a Facebook post, Lipipa shared his experience as a panelist at a Town Hall Meeting organized by his colleague, Fredo Penjani Kalua, where he engaged with duty bearers and the youth to discuss governance issues affecting young people.

He noted that most young people struggle to articulate their aspirations due to a lack of understanding of how governance systems operate.

Lipipa emphasized, “It is shocking that a majority of our youth are in the dark” when it comes to local governance structures, and even more concerning that they are unaware of the Malawi Agenda 2063, which outlines the country’s national vision for development.

The Malawi Agenda 2063 focuses on key areas such as infrastructure development, industrialization, education and skills development, gender equality, good governance and environmental sustainability.

Lipipa stressed that empowering young people is crucial for achieving this vision, and that more needs to be done to bridge the knowledge and understanding gap that exists among the youth.

As a youthful leader, Lipipa committed to supporting initiatives that empower young people in governance, saying, “We need more of these [Town Hall Meetings] and as a youthful leader, I will always support.”

With over 6.5 million young people in Malawi, accounting for approximately 65% of the country’s population, Lipipa’s advocacy for youth empowerment in governance is crucial for the country’s future development and prosperity.

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