Dyke saves people from disaster

Dyke saves people from disaster


A dyke Greenbelt Authority constructed along Lalanje River bank in Traditional Authority (T/A) Ngowe in Chikwawa District has saved villages from Tropical Cyclone Freddy-induced floods. 

Greenbelt Authority constructed the K500 million structure as part of Mwananjobvu Irrigation Scheme rehabilitation project.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, T/A Ngowe said the dyke has protected villages such as Mchacha and Khungubwi from floods.

He said: “Lalanje River floods every year and causes destruction in three villages. But this year, the one-kilometre structure has saved two villages from what would have been a huge destruction.

Machine constructing the dyke in November last year

“It is only Mwananjobvu Village which has been affected.”

The chief asked Greenbelt Authority to complete the remaining three kilometres to protect all the three villages from future disasters.

He has since appealed to well-wishers to support people of Mwananjobvu with food and non-food items.

“These people are seeking refuge in schools and we appeal for resources to help them get a temporary place to stay as schools reopen on Monday,” said Ngowe.

Chifundo Bridge from Mchacha Village said the structure is strong enough to halt huge volumes of water from Lalanje River.

“If it were not for the dyke, we would face the same fate as our neighbours from Mwananjobvu Village,” he said.

Speaking in a separate interview, Greenbelt Authority board chairperson Wester Kosamu said when they embarked on the rehabilitation of Mwananjobvu Irrigation Scheme, they decided to include the dyke as part of  the project.

He said: “We wanted to construct the entire four kilometres but resources were limited. So, we focused on the two villages and the irrigation scheme.

“I hope President Lazarus Chakwera, through the Presidential Delivery Unit, and other well-wishers will help us to complete the remaining three kilometres so that people living along Lalanje River should be safe from floods.”

Greenbelt Authority started the work in September last year and finished in February this year.

The country experienced Tropical Cyclone Freddy from Friday to Tuesday.

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