Crime rises, accidents drop in 2023—report

Crime rises, accidents drop in 2023—report

Malawi Police Service has reported an increase in crimes and a slight reduction in road accidents in 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

In an annual report released yesterday, police said 1 001people died in 4 977 road accidents recorded last year, representing about 6.2 percent decrease from 1 068 people in 2022.

Pedestrians were the most affected as 450 of them were killed followed by passengers who accounted for 254 and 119 pedal cyclists. On the other hand, 95 motorcyclists also died last year along with 82 motor vehicle drivers and an oxcart rider.

In terms of road accidents, Lilongwe Police Station recorded the highest at 967, including 60 fatal accidents followed by Blantyre Police Station with 803 accidents and 21 were fatal.

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The report cited overspeeding, driving too close behind other vehicles, failing to give way or ignoring traffic signs and careless overtaking as among the major causes of the accidents.

On the other hand, the report said police recorded 45 490 crimes in 2023, representing about six percent higher than the 42 793 reported in 2022.

The report further shows that Lilongwe Police Station recorded the highest number of crimes with 10 400 cases followed by Blantyre with 5 967, Mzimba with 3 376 and Zomba with 3 208.

Reads the report in part: “In the year 2023, incidents involving robberies, rape, defilement, theft of motor vehicles, theft of motorcycles, and theft of bicycles witnessed a decline.”

Commenting on road accidents, road safety expert Steve Mwandama observed that despite recording a decrease in road accident -related accidents, losing over 1 000 people is still alarming.

Crime and security issues commentator Sheriff Kaisi said it was shocking that the country recorded 45 490 crimes in 2023.

According to the report, general theft was the highest registered crime with 12 256 cases followed by break-ins at 10 056 and robberies 2 156 cases. There were also 914 murder cases while rape and theft of motor vehicles registered 208 and 63 cases, respectively.

The post Crime rises, accidents drop in 2023—report first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Crime rises, accidents drop in 2023—report appeared first on The Nation Online.