Court adjourns Tadikira’s Case

Court adjourns Tadikira’s Case

The High Court of Malawi in Mzuzu has adjourned to a later date hearing of a manslaughter and human trafficking case against Tadikira Mafubza, son to former first lady Gertrude Mutharika, and five others.

Mafubza’s lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa said the adjournment was prompted by delays by both the defence and State to submit their charge sheets to the court where a ruling on plea would have been based.

He said: “This means that the court needed more time to prepare its ruling and so, we could not proceed without the ruling since it is the ruling that bears whether the accused has to take plea or not.”

One of the accused persons: Mafubza

However, Khonyongwa said the court will electronically share the ruling on the submitted charge sheets to both parties and that a new date will be communicated.

“I understand, the ruling will be shared to both parties and the court will also communicate the date for the commencement of the case,” he said.

Yesterday, presiding Judge Gladys Gondwe was supposed to hear the fresh plea to be entered for all suspects on all charges following an application by the State for the amendment of the charge sheet to reflect the gravity and the manner in which the crimes were committed.

Mafubza and five others, who are currently on bail, were arrested following the discovery of a mass grave in Mzimba.

The 30 bodies of people believed to be Ethiopian immigrants were uncovered in Mtangatanga Forest in Mzimba District on October 18 2022.

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