Councillor Chimbanga claims Grezelder Jeffrey is a school dropout

Councillor for Blantyre City Soche East Ward Leonard Chimbanga has accused estranged Secretary General Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Grezelder Jeffrey as a school dropout.

Chimbanga’s claim follows a failure by Jeffrey wa Jeffrey to properly pronounced ‘CEO’ abbreviation during DPP’s mega rally held at Nyambadwe Community Ground in Blantyre.

According Chimbanga, Jeffrey is said to have said she is ‘CO’ of DPP instead of ‘CEO’.

“To Madam Secretary General of the DPP.

“It is CEO, not CO if you are referring to your position. Please save us from further embarrassment Madam Secretary General. You may want to enrol for a short course in Business Management to understand some of the terminologies and roles. Also, you will learn that the CEO is not independent and doesn’t have powers you think you actually possess. You have no authority as a CEO.

“In any case, a CEO assumes no role of a chairperson of the board if your analogy is anything to go by but I don’t blame you I hear you are also another school dropout. We need smart people to run this country sorry. It’s not just running your mouth this time,” wrote Chimbanga.

Chimbanga belongs to former President Peter Mutharika’s camp.

The Mutharika camp is against Nankhumwa’s move to cling on to leader of opposition post in Parliament.






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