Council reminds FAM on guidelines

 Council reminds FAM on guidelines

 Malawi National Council of Sports says it expects Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to follow the guidelines introduced last year during the forthcoming elections set for Mzuzu on December 16.

Some of the guidelines include academic qualifications for various positions and two term limit.

The guidelines read: “Associations should ensure that office bearers on key leadership positions have the following qualifications: Chairperson/president of an association minimum of a bachelor’s degree offered by an accredited academic institution of higher learning.”

The guidelides also set a minimum of two terms for all positions.

Gunda: That’s interference

“All elected office bearers shall hold office for a maximum of two terms, provided that

 at the commencement of these guidelines, any term not served in full shall be regarded as a first term.”

However, FAM in 2018, made several changes to its statutes including a three term restriction and scrapped off academic qualifications.

Sports Council spokesperson Edgar Ntulumbwa in an interview yesterday said they expect FAM just like the other affililates

 to ahdhere to the guidelines.

He said: “We sent these guidelines to the associations and we expect FAM to follow them.

“The nominated candidates must meet these requirements as stipulated in the guidelines.

“We told associations that if there are issues, then let them contact us.

“So far, no association has written us to let us know if they have issues with the guidelines, which means there are no excuses.”

Ntulumbwa said Sports Council also expects the association to conduct free and fair elections.

He said: “This is for the good of football. Let the campaign be peaceful and the actual elections be free and fair.

“On the day of the elections, Sports Council will be there as observers.”

FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda said they will follow the association’s statutes.

He said any form of interference will not be accepted.

Article 2.2 of the FAM electoral code states: “Government interference of any kind in the electoral process or composition of the elective organ [general assembly] of FAM is not permitted.

“Consequently, government rules on elections shall not apply to the elected internal organs of FAM and the electoral rules of FAM shall not require the approval of any government organ.”

Gunda said they will follow the electoral process as prescribed in the FAM statutes and electoral code.

“Any breach of the electoral code is a serious matter and can lead to a ban by Fifa,” he said.

Ministry of Youth and Sports director Jameson Ndalama yesterday asked for more time before commenting.

He said: “I need to look at the Sports Council Act and the FAM statutes before I can make an informed comment

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