Code pays tribute to Daniel Kachamba

Code pays tribute to Daniel Kachamba

Musician Code Sangala, popularly known as Code in music circles, on Thursday paid tribute to one of the country’s most distinct guitarist and musician, the late Dr Daniel Kachamba during his performance at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre.

Performing during the Sounds of Malawi acoustic night, he said he has always been fascinated by the sounds of the guitar played by Kachamba.

Code: I always wondered how he used to do it

“I always wondered how he used to do it. He had his own rhythm and one always wondered how he managed to produce that sound,” said Code.

He then announced that he was going to attempt to perform one of Kachamba’s hit songs Ndimati Nkhale Nawo.

“Ndimati ndikhale nawo koma anthu apano miseche… izo lero mwaziona, musiye miseche….” sang Code as patrons sung along.    

His attempt was well appreciated and his guitar sound was a fair copy of the late Dr Daniel Kachamba, much to the patrons amusement.

Daniel Kachamba, born in 1947, came from Singano Village in Chileka, Blantyre, was one of the greatest musicians to have emerged from Malawi. His complex guitar playing style earned him an honorary doctorate degree in Germany.

Code further played folksongs and covers of various legendary groups such as Lucky Stars Band. He also performed his own compositions, including the controversial Tithana.

He said of the song: “Tithana is a song about intimacy. This is a song about two people who like each other and have decided to act on their feelings.”

The event was well patronised and had a cameo appearance by one of the country’s talented rappers, Third Eye.

Code was supported by his Tribes Band.

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