Church Pastor bathing ladies in a church goes viral (Video)

Modern churches have changed so many things that used to be done back in the day. Over the past few years we have seen so many churches start to do things that you wouldn’t normally see happening in a church.

Some churches sell various things to their disciples, while some even go as far as taking large amounts if donations from their followers which has led a lot people to being skeptical about a lot of churches that are out there.

Well, recently on Twitter there has been a video of a pastor bathing his female disciples.

The video was posted on Twitter by a Twitter user called Tshepiso Motour Maunatlala. In the video two men(the pastors) that are seating at the front of the crowd can be seen bathing a women and then drying her with a towel, and then she moves over to the other man(pastor), then it seems like the other pastor is applying lotion on her. It does not end there, after the First Lady is done the second lady steps in and the pastor is doing the same thing that he was doing to the first lady.

I’m sure you are wondering what other people had to say about this, well, the comments had only horrible things to say about this video, as some people were saying stuff like “This is madness”, while some even thought this was some kind of a joke, since it was hard to believe that something like this could be done in front of a Congregation.

I’m sure were all asking ourselves the same thing, is this even right? Well, morally this kind of thing shouldn’t be done by a pastor in a church, it is misconduct and very inappropriate, but on the other hand the lady could have given the pastor consent to do this, and it could also be part of their religion in that church.






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