Chronically Ill Man Takes Own Life with Hunting Rifle in Neno

In a tragic incident, a chronically ill man identified as Leonard Likongwe has reportedly taken his own life using a hunting rifle in the district of Neno.

The news was confirmed by the Officer-In-Charge of the Neno Police, Hanleck Chingolo, who added that the motive behind the move is not yet known.

According to Chingolo, the deceased had allegedly left a suicide note, but the contents of the note were not disclosed. The incident occurred when Likongwe asked his wife to prepare roasted maize for him. While his wife was outside the house, she heard a gunshot coming from their house, and upon entering the house, she discovered her husband’s lifeless body.

The deceased hailed from Phalira village in Matope, under the area of the late Senior Chief Symon the 2nd.