Chisale bets lifeto secure assets

Chisale bets lifeto secure assets

Former president Peter Mutharika’s security aide Norman Chisale has declared that he is ready to die in his bid to access his K1.7 billion frozen assets and bank accounts by taking the matter beyond the courts.

“I am angry and I am ready to die. Ndilolera china chilichonse chichitike [I will let anything happen]  because I am tired,” he told Nation on Sunday yesterday when asked to confirm if he indeed penned the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Titus Mvalo.

In the letter, dated October 26 2023, he lays bare his struggles to make ends meet.

“I am suffering; my children have been dropped from school, I am failing even to pay utility bills, no proper food at home…,” his letter reads in part.

Chisale has copied the letter to the United Nations, Malawi Human Rights Commission, United States ambassador, Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions.

Chisale: I am suffering

In 2021, the High Court in Lilongwe granted government an order to seize the assets which include vehicles and buildings.

The former Malawi Defence Force officer, who is answering a number of criminal charges including abuse of office for his alleged role in the importation of cement using the President’s duty-free status, is accused by State agencies of acquiring billions of kwacha worth of assets illegally.

“Honourable Minister, my writing is to let you know that I’m not happy as I’m suffering due to the closure and forfeiture of my property. This case has been dragging due to some inconsistency from your office.

“We have been applying at the court for my accounts to be released; but the State keeps on objecting to this. It’s almost three years now, nothing is being done,” reads his letter.

Chisale, who said he has been calling the minister to seek his help, further states that he used his allowances, salary and bank loans to secure the assets which the government forfeited. The loans, he adds, have been accumulating interests.

“I took K400 million which I used to buy and build some houses. Before the State forfeited these property and accounts the loan balance was at K80 million at FDH Bank, as of now the balance is at K217 million due to non-payment and interests.

“The bank knew that their money was used to buy properties. They want to get the property so that they can recover their money, and unfortunately the property is in the State’s possession,” he points out.

In an interview, Chisale said that he plans to storm the offices of the Anti-Corruption Bureau to demand that they arrest him and prosecute his case so that he can have his assets unfrozen.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs spokesperson Frank Namangale in a response to our questionnaire said the minister has not received Chisale’s letter.

He, however, said the minister has no powers to intervene in a case that is currently in the courts.

Said Namangale: “Any matter which is in court is there for the exclusive determination of the court, and our courts are granted constitutional independence and non interference by any person or authority in the discharge of their duties.”

 The publicist confirmed that Chisale has been calling the Minister of Justice seeking his help on the issue.

 “The minister has told him that as the matter is in court and the freezing of accounts is pursuant to a court order, he should pursue his grievance through the court with the assistance of his lawyer,” added Namangale.

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