Chinga’s autobiography set for publication

Chinga’s autobiography set for publication

The biography of one of the country’s gospel superstars the late Grace Chinga is in its final stages and set for release in June this year, the author has indicated.

   Author Wonderful Mkhutche told The Nation in an interview that soon the world will read an inspiring book about Chinga who was born on June 28 1978 and died on March 16 2016.

Died at the height of her music career: Chinga

“We are finalising everything about the book. The Chinga family has been forthcoming with information about the singer’s life.

“As we are looking forward to June, we are also open to partner with anyone who loved Grace Chinga’s music to help in the production of the book,” he said.

Mkhutche is a versatile writer who co-authored Billy Kaunda’s autobiography Hills and Valleys and Lucius Banda’s biography titled Lucius Banda; The Man, The Music & The Politics.

He said there is need for the country to have a national museum to preserve history and culture which is slowly being forgotten.

Mkhutche described the late Chinga as a phenomenal gospel artist whose legacy cannot be ignored.

He said: “She knew how to write songs and to express her beliefs. It is, therefore, no wonder that her music has lived on and the book carries on from there.

“Chinga was also a social butterfly who enjoyed being around people. Not forgetting that she was a hardworking mother who raised three children who are also doing well in the music industry.”

Mkhutche said there are countless failures and successes behind the country’s legendary artists.

He said the lives of these artists were not as straightforward as many think after seeing their success.

“Their stories also have the ability to explain their artistic expressions. For example, Grace Chinga is known for her vibrant stage antics, and this comes from her background in the church choir. Further, the lyrics also carry important life experiences and all these can inspire someone,” said Mkhutche.

One of Chinga’s children, Israel Chinga Moffat described the book as a special honour to their family.

“My mother lived a life worth emulating and her music career offers the nation numerous lessons. Documenting this will help the future generation to learn about her incredible deeds and her book is a great honour to our family because her legacy still reigns,” he said.

Chinga is best known for her songs such as Mundisungire Korona, Abisalomu, Wayalula, Ndiululireni and Palibe Bwenzi.

The post Chinga’s autobiography set for publication first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Chinga’s autobiography set for publication appeared first on The Nation Online.