CHIMWENDO STORMS MWANZA- Says Chakwera is irreplaceable in 2025, boasts of more developments

Bulldozer Chimwendo Banda has declared that come rain, come sunshine President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera will triumph in the 2025 tripartite polls due to his impeccable record and steadfast vision of leading the country into a middle income economy.

Chimwendo was speaking today at Chiwembu Community ground in the area of Senior Traditional Authority Nthache in Mwanza West constituency.

In his remarks Chimwendo said that with government of Chakwera, development means transformation of the poorest of the poor, bringing clean water to the local communities, bringing electricity to the local society, increasing CDF money, giving tarred roads to the people, increasing honoraria for traditional leaders among others while navigating means and ways of eradicating hunger in the country.

“President Chakwera has reaffirmed his shared commitment to humbly serve his people with zeal and improve the lives of the poor and the destitute and build a united Malawi based on same wave length.

“I would want to challenge everyone here today that Mwanza district has new face due to developments projects that are taking place in this district which include stadium, 18 class blocks in Mwanza West,electricity to the poor, clean water, mutukula pakhomo, among others,” said Chimwendo Banda who is also Leader of Government Business in Parliament.


Chimwendo said traditional leadership institution is a vital resource in socioeconomic development. For this reason, local leadership is an active defender of democracy and agent of inclusive development.

“Beyond being a fount of knowledge and wisdom,chiefs play an active and meaningful role in our national life.

“Government of President Chakwera remains committed to working with the institution of traditional leadership in pursuit of progress and socioeconomic development. With our chiefs, we are ready to eliminate gender- based violence, a scourge that is tearing our communities apart.

“With chiefs, we gained indisputable grounds in transforming the lives of local people by giving them better basic needs such as clean water, good markets, clinics and school blocks.

“But as a nation it is incumbent on us to consolidate these gains as we chart the course for a new, better future where there is shared prosperity, unity and meaningful equality. We have to achieve a society where no one is left behind,” said Chimwendo Banda


Minister did not waste his time to laud the two MPs for their dedication to serve their communities.

“We have MPs in Parliament who go there just to drink tea. But you the people of Mwanza, you are blessed because you real servants who went to Parliament to serve your needs hence these two constituencies are not advanced in development.

Taking her turn Member of Parliament for Mwanza West constituency, Joyce Chitsulo said that she is appreciative to Chakwera and his government for the developmental projects that are taking place in her constituency including roads, school blocks among others.

Senior Traditional Authority Nthache haled Chakwera for building a house for his headquarters.

Before holding a rally, Chimwendo visited the Mwanza stadium construction site and Traditional Authority Nthache house which are both under construction.

Chimwendo was accompanied by several MPs such Mike Mwawa and Baba Malondela among others.

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