Chakwera’s Advisor Encourages Religious Leaders To Take Cholera Messages To Congregants

The presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Reverend Brian Kamwendo has encouraged religious leaders to inform their congregations with a preaching hope and advise them to follow all cholera preventative measure to contain the disease.

Reverend Kamwendo said this after attending a preparatory meeting for the inter-denominational crusade slated for June this year, being spearheaded by a USA based Revive school ministry.

He has therefore joined other leaders in approaching some religious leaders who are stopping their church flocks from receiving cholera treatments in the country.

According to Reverend Kamwendo, such tendencies are non-theological, unethical and unpastoral.

Dr. Kyle Lance Martins from Revive school ministry and director of communication for Revive School Malawi Crusade, Bishop Andrew Makhanamba, said they will continue appealing religious leaders in the country to preach a message of hope to Malawians.






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