Chakwera has failed to provide leadership…he sees nothing, hears nothing and does nothing


The biggest disaster we have in Malawi is some people who call themselves Malawians like the rest of us having energy and reasons to defend and clap hands for Chakwera.

One guy asked me to tell him if I think Chakwera could have stopped the cyclone if he had stayed at home. Another one wanted to know if Chakwera’s early return from Qatar could have saved lives. They both wanted me to see the cyclone as the hand of God that no human being could do anything about.

To me, what Chakwera has failed is to provide leadership. I am just an ordinary person but I knew a week and half ago that cyclone uncle Freddie is on it’s way. I also have known that, Malawi, due to climate change and environmental degradation is vulnerable to such disasters. It happens every year and the problem has been getting worse.

As president, Chakwera is privileged to much more practical intelligence and has the platform and resources to provide the necessary leadership Malawians needed. He did not do that. Instead, the week the media was supposed to be flooded with messages warning people about the floods and showing the government machinery movement in readiness, Chakwera and Usi were showing pictures of them in posh hotel in the middle east, shaking hands and having the time of their lives with the rich, spending money that could have been put into good use, saving lives.

This is not the first time for Chakwera to do this to the people.

APM recently said, Chakwera sees nothing, hears nothing and does nothing. That is true. Instead he wants people around the world to see him and hear his black American accent funded by poor Malawians.

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