BREAKING NEWS: Joyce Banda surrenders to the “Jetu effect”

By Thumbiko Nyirongo

In a shocking turn of events, former President Joyce Banda has fallen victim to the captivating charm of Malawian music sensation Jetu!

In a Facebook post, Banda revealed her hilarious encounter with her grandchildren, Uwemi (8) and Ngina (5), who are die-hard fans of Jetu.

According to Banda, the children asked her, “Grandma, have you watched ‘JETU’?” And before she could respond, they were belting out the lyrics to Jetu’s hit song, “Ufuna cha!! Unandisiya manja alinkhosi, lero ndazitolera… alowa fisi, etc etc.”!

Banda was then invited to their home for tea, where she was treated to a full-size TV screening of Jetu’s music video.

But little did she know, her grandchildren had an ulterior motive – to convert her into a full-fledged Jetu fan!

“My greatest challenge now is that zathera kuchiwisi,” Banda confessed,”They want me to do three things, and that’s where I need help from Mai Jetu… Learn to dance like Jetu, dye my hair red and wear trousers!”

The children argued, “JETU is only two years younger than you, Grandma, and she’s a great dancer! How come you just wear dukus and funny clothes and not trouser suits?”

Ngina even demonstrated Jetu’s signature dance moves and strutted her stuff like a pro!

Banda jokingly rated herself “0 out of 10” in dancing but promised her grandchildren she would attend Jetu’s next show in Lilongwe and even learn some dance moves.

The “Jetu Effect” has clearly taken Malawi by storm, and even former President Banda can’t resist its charm!

Jetu, whose real name is Christina Malaya, is a 71-year-old Malawian musician who has taken the country by storm with her unique blend of traditional and modern music.

She rose to fame with her hit song “Ali Ndi Ine,” which has become an anthem for many Malawians.

Jetu’s music and energetic performances have captured the hearts of many Malawians, young and old.

Her signature dance moves and style have inspired a new generation of music lovers, and her music has become a staple in many Malawian households.

The “JETU EFFECT” has brought people together, transcending age and cultural boundaries and former President Banda is just the latest victim of its charm!

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