‘Are you Reserve Bank’s spokesperson?’ Malawians Question Kazako Over K10, 000 Note Rumors

On Wednesday, Malawians descended on Minister of Information who is also government spokesperson after he trashed reports that the country’s biggest Bank The Reserve is planning on issuing a K10, 000 bank note asking him since when was he appointed as the Bank’s spokesperson.

During the week social media was awash with reports that the Reserve Bank is planning on issuing a K10, 000 note as a way of stabilizing the Kwacha.

Kazako wrote on his Facebook page dismissing the said rumors saying that the Bank has no intentions of issuing the K10, 000 note adding that the general public should disregard what he said the “false article and desist from being part of the apparatus for producing and spreading of fake news.”

Reacting on his remarks, Malawians asked him to leave the job of clarifying the matter to the spokesperson of the Reserve Bank.

One user Mark Zc Mgulawanthu said “Says someone who is not the spokesperson of the central Bank ”

Adam Chigoma “Here comes Mr Spokesperson again while deep down in his heart knows the truth.”

Georgie Tripple Gie Kumwenda “When has the information minister become the spokesperson of Reserve Bank of Malawi?? Something!!!”

Seleman Wales Daiton “You are spokesman for reserve bank of Malawi now, You can even issuing 50 billion one bank note who cares, Malawi is already rotten.”

Johnston Wa Mandah “Mr Gospel kazako, you are not spokesperson of Reserve Bank of Malawi,”

However, the Central Bank issued a statement on the same dismissing the reports of issuing a K10, 000 note.






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