Anglican Church to host Central Africa Provincial Synod

Anglican Church to host Central Africa Provincial Synod

Bishop Alinafe Kalemba of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi said the Diocese is gearing up to host the Central Africa Provincial Synod, where crucial governance matters are set to be deliberated upon, with the goal of enhancing the church’s administration.

Kalemba said on Tuesday during a press conference held in Blantyre that 13 bishops from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana are scheduled to convene for the synod scheduled from October 31 to November 4.

“The synod will discuss crucial topics including the procedures for appointing new bishops to fill vacant dioceses, the potential creation of new dioceses, the ordination of women as priests, and the multifaceted challenges confronting the countries, spanning social, economic, and political realms.

“This synod serves as an essential platform for addressing these significant governance issues within our church. We aim to find resolutions that will enable us to manage our faith community more effectively in the face of the challenges we encounter,” he said.

He further added that the conference will be under the theme, “Growing the church in a broken world,” where the synod is expected to provide an opportune setting for collaborative decision-making and the development of strategies that will guide the church’s growth and direction in these uncertain times.

He said: “As the Central Africa Provincial Synod approaches, all eyes are on the Anglican Church and its commitment to nurturing and expanding its spiritual community. The deliberations are eagerly awaited, as they hold the potential to influence the future course of the church across the region.”

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