AFORD SHAKES LOWER SHIRE: Promises to turn Malawi into food basket

The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) says it has put deliberate policies to boost food security in country once voted into power next year during the tripartite polls, the party’s Publicity Secretary, Amatullah Annie Maluwa has disclosed.

Maluwa was speaking at a public rally that she and other senior party officials conducted at Nyankwali Primary school ground in Group Village Headman Kalumbi in Nsanje Central constituency on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

In her remarks, Maluwa stated that AFORD government would put a deliberate policy on irrigation that would allow small farmers to go for winter cropping to combat hunger and improve their socioeconomic status.

“AFORD is very much aware that Malawians are going through tough economic times as the value of the kwacha has plunged due to poor economic policies of the Tonse Alliance government which has resulted in high cost of living, high inflation and the unacceptable high under- employment rate.

“To make sure that that families have food supply, security and affordability, we will step up our people centred policies that will allow small scale farmers to produce enough food for themselves such as maize, rice and other staple crops by among others make sure that each family is taking part in winter cropping through irrigation which will be top priority in agriculture sector while taking drastic steps of making sure that the prices of fertilizers are affordable to average Malawians,” she said.

Maluwa took no time to slam government on the scarcity of sugar in the country saying this is ‘death sentence’ to poor families because sugar is one of the most needed basic need for their living.

“Sugar is grown and produced in Malawi, cultivated by Malawians using Malawian soil, labor and water. So for today to see that Malawians are scrambling for sugar in super store at an exorbitant price of K3,700 is not only a sign of bad economic behavior of the government but it shows that Malawians voted into government leaders who care for their families and not the welfare of poor people,” blasted Maluwa.

Taking his turn, Deputy Secretary General Linda Limbe also ripped apart the country’s deepening economic turmoil saying Malawians are suffering at hand of the pastor who has no vision to transform the lives of poor Malawians.

“The AFORD leadership under president Enock Chihana will improve the business environment in the country stating that, it would remove all bottlenecks to profitable business operations in the country by making sure that the nation has steady forex for businesses to thrive,” said Limbe.

During the rally several people dumped their respect political parties and joined AFORD.

One of the newly fished member Rose Phiri hailed the party’s leadership for comprehensively laid down policies that will help to eradicate poverty in Lower Shire such as irrigation.

Some of the notable people who also graced the rally are Director of Public Relations and Communication, Chris Thaulo, Welfare Director Chimwemwe Lamba among others.

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