Abiti Najere To Beat Jetu’s Fame

Just after few days Christina Kholiyo popularly known as Jetu the Amapiano queen, trending in Malawi’s entertainment industry, another gem has resurrected to beat her popularity.

The 72 year-old musician Jetu, is making waves on social media after releasing her new song titled chakwaza which has won people’s hearts.

However, Jetu has become a role model to her generation as there have been large number of people who are trying to be like her. Meanwhile, Mulanje district has revealed her new artist Abit Najere who will be competing with Jetu.

Abiti Najere, an old woman who is currently asking support from music lovers to appreciate her like Jetu.

Meanwhile, the lady has been criticized by many people saying she is trying to copy Jetu’s style and she needs to do her own thing.

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