5 strongest warrior tribes in Africa

Many African tribes are known for their tenacity and agility in the face of war, which is why the warrior and army tribes in Africa were a formidable force.

One major highlight of ancient African kingdoms was the numerous battles and wars they embarked on, in a bid to gain more territories and expand and protect these territories.

These warrior tribes were termed the strongest because of their war weapons or as a result of their uniquely crafted battle strategies. Here are the 5 strongest warrior tribes (in descending order) in Africa:

1) Berber tribe

The Berbers were particularly known for their conquest of the country of Spain and for resisting colonisation attempts by the Persian and Roman Empires. They were so powerful that they expanded and gained more territories and dominated regions in the Mediterranean.

This tribe is scattered across northern African countries; Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya.

2) Zulu tribe

The Zulu tribe is known to be the largest tribe in South Africa; they are also known for their fierceness on the battleground and their calculated military strategies.

Their tactics and strategy were so powerful that they defeated the British army even with crude weaponry.

3) Abyssinians

This tribe dominated Eritrea and Ethiopia. They are widely known for their conquest and colonisation of South Arabia during the Axum period. Scholars say this tribe holds one of the strongest and most quality warfare tactics in history.

4) Nubians

Taking the second spot in the strongest warrior tribe list is the Nubian tribe. They are known to possess one of the longest-lasting kingdoms in Africa.

Their greatest feats include: resistance and consequent defeat of invaders from Europe, the middle east, and the caliphate of the Arabs.

5) Somalis

The Somalis are, without any doubt, the strongest warrior tribe in Africa. This tribe pioneered many warfare strategies; they became the first to utilise advanced weaponry in the colonisation and conquest of Abyssinia for 14 years.

They were also the first warrior tribe to embark on naval battles.

This tribe is scattered across Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia.






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