3rd warrant of arrest for Muhamed Shabir Salim Jussab

In trouble: Muhamed Shabir Salim Jussab

The Jussab family of Blantyre continues to get entangled in numerous criminal charges, and this time around, Blantyre Chief Resident in Blantyre has issued a third warrant of arrest against Muhamed Shabir Salim Jussab.

This warrant of arrest, dated 4th October 2023, is in relation to the alleged assault on his ex-employee, Stainford Kalisilira, which happened on 16th June 2023 at RR Trading in Limbe, a company owned by the accused.

Kalisilira was fired as a driver, and when he went to inquire about his salary at accounts department, Jussab assaulted him, and according to a medical report from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital dated 16th June 2023, he sustained a fracture on his left shoulder.

The warrant of arrest states that the offence Jussab is facing is unlawful wounding, contrary to Section 241 of the Penal Code.

The court is directing Malawi Police Service in Blantyre to arrest Shabir Jussab and produce him before the court in execution of the warrant of arrest, without fail.

Shabir Jussab, who is also on Interpol Red Alert for cyber harrassment, is reportedly in Saudi Arabia.

He is also wanted in Malawi, Blantyre, for obtaining a BMW car worth K26 million, to which a warrant of arrest is also hanging on his head.

Shabir’s mother, Kauser Salim Jussab, reportedly in South Africa, Durban, is also wanted in Malawi for being found in possession of a motor vehicle believed to have been stolen.

South African Police Services (SAPS) were recently given a tip of her presence in Durban.

Police sources in Malawi have disclosed local authorities, handling her case here in Malawi, communicated to their counterparts in South African, and shared information with them that Kauser Jussab was a wanted person in Malawi.

Police in Malawi have been investigating Kauser Jussab over the car, a Mercedez Benz registration number HENN4, suspected to be hot.

A police hunt for Kauser Jussab at Fasa Factory in Mapanga, Blantyre, a few months ago, yielded nothing. Fasa Factory is owned by her family.

The car relating to Shabir he is accused of falsely obtaining it was brought to his garage at Makata in Blantyre but he never returned it to the owner.

The court, in a warrant of arrest dated 18th September 2023, had ordered police to arrest him and bring him before the court.

Police in Blantyre have also been hunting for businessman Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, a young brother to Shabir, months after Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre issued a warrant of arrest against him over a ‘hot car’.

Humair, who is also wanted by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), is said to have lied to the tax-collecting body that he was a student returning to Malawi from South Africa to evade duty on a VW Amarok, double cab, which he registered as BZ 1382, in his name.

The car was discovered by an Interpol search which Malawi Police Service joined, and they relocated it at a garage in Blantyre.

Humair, who is also wanted by police with a warrant of arrest also hanging on his head for a number of criminal charges, will be answering to the charges by police relating to the ‘hot car’ and also to MRA for the duty evasion.

Sources both at police in Blantyre and MRA said the cases would move upon his arrest. He is also reported to be outside Malawi.

The warrant of arrest issued against Humair requires investigators from Blantyre Police Station who applied for it to hunt the suspect and bring him before the court.

“This is to authorise and require you to enter into upon and arrest the said suspect, and if arrested, to take possession of the said suspect and produce the same forthwith before this court,” reads the warrant of arrest in part.

The warrant explains the offence is suspected to have occurred on December 15 2022 when the suspect brought the car into Malawi dishonestly.

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