2nd deputy speaker donates to Muslims

2nd deputy speaker donates to Muslims

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aisha Mambo Adams has donated assorted food items to 700 muslims observing the month of Ramadan from Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi District.

Speaking after the donation on Tuesday, she said she partnered with the Issa Foundation and Malawi Relief Fund (MRF)-United Kingdom to support people when they break their fast.

Adams, who is also Mangochi Nkungulu legislator (United Democratic Front), said: “Being a Ramadan month, we all know that muslims fast and they need food to break their fast. However, most Malawians are sleeping on an empty stomach due to shortage of food; hence, the donation.”

Adams (R) poses with beneficiaries

She also said Islam teaches people to embrace a heart of giving, therefore, she encouraged the beneficiaries and the Muslim community to share with their friends and relatives whatever they have.

One of the beneficiaries from group village head Changamire, Mary Harris, said the donation will help her during the month of Ramadan.

“My family had run out of food and it was difficult to fast under those circumstances. With this food, it will help my family members observe the holy month,” she said.

Harris thanked Adams and asked her to continue with the initiative to help many families who are also fasting, but have no food to eat in the evening.

The items donated included maize flour, rice, sugar, salt, soap, cooking oil and soya pieces.

During the month of Ramadan, Malawian muslims join their counterparts across the globe in fasting and doing acts of charity

The post 2nd deputy speaker donates to Muslims first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post 2nd deputy speaker donates to Muslims appeared first on The Nation Online.